For any premise/ shop before it can be safely occupied/ operate as business, the owner of the premise/ shop need to apply to Fire Safety and Shelter Bureau (FSSD) for an approved Building Plan with all the necessary firefighting provision depending on the usage/ class of the premise.

Upon completion of erecting all necessary firefighting provision, just before submitting the application for a Temporary Fire Permit (TFP) or Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) to SCDF, owners are required to engage Registered Inspectors (RIs) to inspect and certify the completed works.

A “Registered Inspector (RI)” refers to a person who is registered under the Fire Safety Act to be qualified and competent to inspect fire safety works in buildings to ascertain the degree of compliance of fire safety requirements.

CMP provides submission of Building Plan (BP, MV, FP) and Mechanical & Electrical RI inspection service for any project. Upon the issuance of Fire Safety Certificate (FSC), the premise/ shop is deemed fit to be occupied/ in use.